Natural herbal blends for prevention and treatment

Our phytotherapeutic products are much more than the sum of their individual active constituents. When making our natural herbal products and supplements, we use extraction processes that allow us to create synergistic phytocomplexes that increase the beneficial effects of our products. In order to maintain purity, we do not use preservatives, additives or fillers.

We formulate our blends carefully, by studying not only individual plants and their principal constituents, but also their overall activity from both chemical and energetic standpoints, our purpose being to obtain medicinal compounds capable of combining Traditional Western Herbalism with Traditional Chinese Medicine, which assigns each plant an affinity with a specific organ or energy meridian. All of these factors make our products different, innovative and superior performing. What’s more, the elevated quality standards that we apply, both in the choice of our ingredients and throughout every stage of our process, ensure rapid results, safety and respect for the body.

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