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Our health is our greatest asset

But do we take it for granted, too often?

Too often we over-look, especially when we are feeling well, that our health is our most precious asset. Even forgetting to take care of it. It is however only when we carefully start listening and try to get in sync with our bodies that we begin to ask ourselves those essential questions, like:

I feel fine, but does it mean I’m actually well? Will I continue to feel well, even as time goes on? How can I best keep my family in good health? When a problem does pop up, we tend to focus completely on ways to remedy it and restore our health and fitness as soon as possible.

When we are not well, we begin to realise that good health isn’t something we should take for granted.

Only after recovering, do we promise ourselves to adopt healthier practices that might be able to stop it from relapsing or preventing it from reoccurring in the future: making us reflect on our lifestyles.

The lifestyle choices that we each adopt, crucially affect our health. In today’s hectic pace, juggling our daily work and family commitments requires us to face greater physical and mental challenges than ever before. Social expectations get ever more demanding, forcing us to adopt rhythms that often clash with our bodies’ biorhythms, and these external pressures and stress tend to cause physical and mental distress.

Health and Wellbeing should be the catalyst that leads us towards making lifestyle choices rooted in a well-informed and highly evolved approach, focused on nurturing the entire body and supporting its healthy functions.

From treatment to prevention

NATURALSALUS: a business project inspired by the importance of good health.

These issues are the building blocks on which the NATURALSALUS project was founded. Our aim is to create a new generation of natural, plant-based products capable of enhancing the benefits of health prevention and the treatment of certain health conditions and chronic illnesses.

Our search for innovative systems and processes is focused on one precise goal: to succeed in tapping into all the active, functional and beneficial energy that lies deep within the purest essences of the plant kingdom and turn that into effective remedies to support human wellness.

How NATURALSALUS came about and its growth

Where tradition’s know-how fuses with an innovative start-up’s energy.

Our journey began in 2018, when four differently skilled people with complementary backgrounds came together. Each one truly impassioned about phytotherapeutics, bringing their drive to revitalise and conduct cutting-edge research.

It was here that NATURALSALUS, an innovative start-up was born. With a sound sustainable model that has, as its core business, been focused on creating cutting-edge natural plant-based products using the innovative patented Bionenergetic Extraction® method.

Based in Alto Adige, a region known for its strong commitment to Health and Sustainability, and tradition coupled with innovation that has inspired healthy living values that never cease to grow.

Values that we truly believe in, and from which we continue to draw our inspiration.

The steady development of NATURALSALUS continued until June 2022, when IMO Spa decided to invest in the Naturalsalus project taking on 100% ownership. IMO Spa is a pharmaceutical company that has been engaged in the production and distribution of homeopathic medicines, medical devices and food supplements for over 70 years and is an irreplaceable point of reference for health professionals and patients. Launching a new synergistic business where tradition’s know-how fuses together with the energy and vitality of an innovative start-up. Our project mission to help people feel naturally well continues on stronger and more determined than ever.

Healthy Living

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