NATURALSALUS® also roots its constituent values in sustainability.

This concept influences every decision taken that has an impact on the environment

Sustainability is a fundamental concept that eventually must be transformed into practical actions. Applicable to every direction and decision that could potentially have environment impacts, like those related to production – a relevant phase in terms of impact. Where not only the energy used by the machinery and equipment is taken into consideration but also the natural resources that are used to make each of our products.


The innovative “BIOENERGETIC EXTRACTION®” process devised by NATURALSALUS®, exponentially helps us reduce the amount of raw materials needed and consequently has enabled us to reduce our overall environmental impact.

Our innovative “BIOENERGETIC EXTRACTION®” process enables us to obtain highly concentrated phytocomplex extracts, using as little and only natural (water and organic grain alcohol) solvents as possible. Letting us skip the very energy consuming industrial concentration-processing step.

Only 1 litre of solvent used rather than the traditional 5 litres

Most producers who engage in more traditional methods have to use 5 litres of solvent to obtain 1 litre of extract. Thanks to our innovative process, we only need 1 litre of solvent to obtain 1 litre of phytocomplex extract since our solvent is reused without any loss or wasted parts.

Thus, having a much lower impact on the environment, both in terms of energy and raw material consumption.

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