This time of year often catches us off guard. Tired, lacking energy and sometimes feeling a bit apathetic. Pulling us down into a vicious cycle of negative emotions, often, in fact, referred to as seasonal affective disorder. In order to avoid perpetuating this cascading downward spiral, marked by each change of season, one should START EARLY, PREVENT and nip it in the bud. Knowing how to cleverly prepare ourselves for the change of seasons will help us improve our own daily routine, raising our QUALITY OF LIFE, to which everyone universally aspires.

Even small and simple strategies can help bring daily benefits. The first and foremost thing is to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which should always start with HEALTHY AND CAREFULLY CHOSEN FOOD: focusing on fresh and seasonal foods, produced locally.

Supporting nutrition by supplementing NATURAL ELEMENTS amplifies, undoubtedly these positive effects. Such natural elements include:

HE SHOU WU, is a root considered, in Chinese medicine, to be among the most important and powerful herbs. In fact, it displays great antioxidant powers, slowing down cellular aging. It also improves cognitive functions, such as the ability to memorize and attention span.

ELEUTHEROCOCCUS, is known for its adaptogenic action, that is, the ability to make the body resistant to stressful factors. It also improves sports performance requiring endurance or power. Additionally, it improves the performance of our immune system.

ROYAL JELLY, which is very useful in cases of mental and physical fatigue, thanks to the presence of numerous B-complex vitamins and many trace elements, such as iron, potassium and calcium;

HONEY, which is a complete and invaluable food, with energizing and restorative properties, due to the presence of simple sugars such as glucose and fructose, as well as acting as a natural calming agent;

GUARANA, rich in caffeine and some xanthines, has strong stimulating and invigorating power, and also activates energy metabolism;

The possibility of finding all these invaluable elements packed into one single product is certainly the optimal solution for helping overcome “challenging” moments such as seasonal changes. As well as all those moments that require greater concentration and a better readiness to respond to stimuli, be it intellectual or physical.


DR. Mariella Galantucci – Biologist, Nutritionist. 

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