By Dr. Giorgia Baraldo, Biologist and R&D Product Specialist at NATURALSALUS

Now-days we often talk about Free Radicals and their link to the immune system. Let’s look at some concepts in more detail to help us understand better and share some advice with you in terms of a helpful prevention path that should be started in September.

Free radicals, what are they?

Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that spontaneously form in nature as a result of sunlight and heat actions or as by-products of chemical reactions. Our bodies’ cells also produce free radicals, especially during metabolic reactions and phases of stress. Their reactivity is due to a free electron that these molecules possess. They tend to interact with various cellular molecules such as proteins, DNA and lipids because of their high reactivity. When free radicals interact with these above molecules they are able to change the molecules’ structure and thus their physiological function, thus impairing cell physiological functions from carrying out their work properly overtime. Problems appear especially when the concentration of free radicals our bodies are exposed to are too high or last too long over time. In these circumstances, free radicals turn out to be one of the main underlying reasons for cell and tissue damage and thus are involved in the development of various chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular, plus heavily affect cellular aging.

What is the best way to defend against free radicals?

Given that these molecules are so common, the human body has developed defence systems such as glutathione, SOD, etc. to offset the potential damage free radicals can cause to cellular structures. These enzymes play a vital antioxidant role, deactivating free radicals that enter the cell by sacrificing themselves, before they are able to interact with other molecules. However, the quantity of these antioxidants is often not enough to counter the daily dose of free radicals stemming from our hectic modern lifestyles.

More importantly, they are not enough to offset the chronic stress arising from exposure to these reactive molecules.

As a result, our bodies need extra support to be able to prevent the damage caused by these molecules. This support can be obtained by having a healthy, balanced diet rich in phytochemicals and vitamins with antioxidant potential, such as vitamin C, E and B-carotene

Why should we eliminate toxins and protect ourselves from free radicals?

Our cells are constantly exposed to free radicals, be it from external sources, such as our lifestyle habits, or internal ones. Because yes, some cells, especially the immune system ones, also use free radicals to defend us from pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, performing a vital physiological function. As we have seen, the presence of these reactive molecules can cause various problems at a cellular level and over time can lead to various pathological conditions. Hence, our bodies need to protect themselves in order to limit this type of damage, preventing diseases and premature aging. A healthy and balanced lifestyle, with a bit of physical activity and a diet rich in vegetables will help aid it in this endeavour. Certain substances contained in foods and dietary supplements are able to favourably support the detoxification processes, activating biological repair systems.

Our wellness advice: A natural detoxifying and antioxidant pathway.

To help the body detoxify, and thus providing adequate support against free radicals, NATURALSALUS recommends IS1 ANTOXI PLUS and IS2 ANTOXI PLUS FLUID. Both products are made up of plants possessing invaluable antioxidant components, endowed with different but complementary functions.

The first step: A detoxification product.

The first step to detoxification should start with our IS2 ANTOXI PLUS FLUID. Its composition includes a high concentration of Broccoli Sprouts, containing Sulforaphane, a molecule with the power to activate phase two cellular antioxidants. Helping to naturally counteract free radical activity. Additionally, it carries out an apoptotic action on damaged cells, destroying malfunctioning cells, and has a hepato-protective effect. Moringa Oleifera, a superfood provides high concentrations of vitamins C and E as well as carotenes plus polyphenols. Polignum Multiflorum or He Shou Wu, is a legendary Chinese plant shrouded in various myths and beliefs. Containing high concentrations of polyphenols and stilbenes, well known for their antioxidant actions. In addition, it has tonic and energetic effects. Schisandra, the renowned five-flavour berry, best known for its depurative, antioxidant and regenerative properties. Sea Buckthorn contains a high concentration of vitamin C and carotenoids, providing additional help in defending the body against free radicals through its antioxidant effects.

An antioxidant product to boost defences and anti-aging effect.

To round off the antioxidant path, NATURALSALUS has created IS1 ANTOXI PLUS. It too contains Polygonum Multiflorum or He Shou Wu, one of the most popular Traditional Oriental Medicine plants. Unlike ANTOXI PLUS FLUID the Sulforaphane comes in powder form and thus more concentrated, complementing the effect initiated by Broccoli Sprouts. Additionally, Sodium Hyaluronate makes it easier to assimilate the active ingredients as well as increases the hydration and elasticity of the skin, helping keep it soft. Finally, Resveratrol, a molecule found in large concentrations in grape skins, acts as a powerful antioxidant further protecting cells from free radicals. A lot of research into Resveratrol’s effects on cellular aging has been carried out. This molecule in fact interacts with a group of proteins, called sirtuins, which when activated are able to counter the onset of premature cellular aging. Therefore, thanks to both Sodium Hyaluronate and Resveratrol, not only does it act as a detoxifier but also as a functional cosmetic making the skin more elastic and resistant to free radical stress, giving it a more youthful appearance.

Expert’s advise: When to best start and how to take each product.

The first phase starts with 10 ml of IS2 ANTOXI PLUS FLUID*, daily, liver detoxifier and depurative.

After the first step is completed, we move on to the Free Radical phase. Take 2 capsules of IS1 ANTOXI PLUS* daily for 60 days.

Discontinue for 1 month.

Then repeat the full treatment cycle.

Repeat the IS2 + IS1 treatment 3 times per year, allowing you to maintain a proper well-being and function of your Immune System.

During March/June and November/February seasonal changes, seasonal discomforts can be prevented by taking 10 ml of IS3 MIRABILUS IMMUNO PLUS twice daily.

*Both IS1 and IS2 products contain a very important active ingredient extracted from broccoli sprouts – Sulforaphane. It has contraindications for severe thyroid dysfunction sufferers. In such cases, we highly recommend to check first with your doctor before taking it.

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