NATURALSALUS® also selects its ingredients with an eye on sustainability.

Sustainability is a fundamental concept that eventually must be transformed into practical actions. Applicable to every direction and decision that could potentially have environment impacts, like those related to product formulations and choosing the right ingredients – a relevant phase in terms of impact since nature’s resources are a balancing element in our lives and for our sustainability..

The physiological effects of an effective product.

When designing a product with its intended physiological effects, it goes without saying that the choice of ingredients should be one of the core aspects of every decision.

However, it takes more than just ingredients to achieve an efficient and effective product.

A product’s efficiency lies in developing a formula where all the ingredients are functional for the physiological effects so desired, without unnecessarily using vehicles or fillers, which only serve to live up to the function of delivering a few active ingredients to their destinations.

NATURALSALUS products have been specifically formulated so that 100 percent of all the ingredients used are functional in carrying out the desired physiological effects.

Efficacy, although it isn’t directly backed up by finished product scientific evidence, it does rely on the scientific evidence of each of our ingredients. Making sure that in this process, the concentration percentages of each individual ingredient is such as to deliver the maximum action whilst minimizing the quantity needed to be administered.
This is the core principle of each NATURALSALUS product.

These aspects also greatly affect the level of sustainability that NATURALSALUS strives to pursue, and regardless of all our efforts so far, we will never stop seeking out the best positive innovative solutions for you and the environment.

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