Seasonal ailments: let’s prepare for it by using our NATURALSALUS MIRABILUS line of natural supplements

By Dr. Giorgia Baraldo, Biologist and R&D Product Specialist at NATURALSALUS

Protecting yourself from sore throats, coughs, headaches and other cold related symptoms is possible with phytotherapy

Winter brings cold temperatures that often are the cause of seasonal ailments

The colder seasons open the door to a number of classic cold ailments: sore throat, followed by coughing, perceived fluctuations in body temperature, and headaches, all typical seasonal symptoms. Because of their frequency, it is important to take care of one’s body and protect your respiratory tract. Better still, if you take preventive measures to avoid it.

Prevent seasonal illnesses using plant-based ingredients

Ideally, preventive measures should be taken. Like providing your metabolism with direct and natural support with plant ingredients, preventing the onset of these seasonal annoyances and making sure that you can recover as quickly as possible. Our respiratory tracts and the immune systems are the organs most at risk during this period.

The respiratory system

The main purpose of our respiratory system is to source the oxygen needed to live and to expel the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced during metabolic processes. The respiratory system is complex, made up of various functional parts such as the nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and bronchioles, and finally the alveolar ducts that are contained in the lungs. It can be rudimentarily divided based on functionality into two parts:
  • the upper airways;;
  • the lower airways..
The upper airways include the nose, pharynx and larynx. Their main task is to filter, humidify and warm the air we inhale. Smelling through the olfactory bulbs in the nose is also a fundamental task that takes place in this anatomical region. In addition, the upper airway is where the voice, an important tool for communication, originates. The lower airways, on the other hand, include the trachea and the bronchi, which branch into bronchioles, which end in the alveolar ducts. The alveoli are microscopic spherical structures and the place where oxygen exchange actually occurs when we inhale and from where CO2 and some volatile metabolites are expelled from the body when we exhale. A well-oxygenated body tends to have more vitality, works better and stays healthy.

The defence mechanisms of the respiratory system

The respiratory system is equipped with very important defence mechanisms to maintain the proper functioning and well-being of body and mind. In fact, regardless that the main task of the respiratory system is the exchange of oxygen with CO2, it is also equipped to fight and expel anything that is “lost” by chance within it. Because of its function, it is exposed to the risk of encountering bacteria and viruses and other exogenous substances, such as pollen, and consequently is equipped with defence systems that help it fight their presence. Microscopic cell protrusions called vibratile cilia, which are characterized by their typical whip-like movement, cover the interior of the airways from the larynx to the bronchioles. In addition, specialized cells in this tract excrete glycoproteins along with mineral salts, thus creating a viscous layer that covers much of it. Through the movement of vibratile cilia in this viscous layer, all the particles that are lost in the respiratory tract and are considered irritants and therefore potentially harmful are expelled.

Finally, because of its special position exposed to the outside world, the immune system in the respiratory tract is particularly active. Both non-specific and specific immune response cells are found here. These cells are recruited during invasion by exogenous substances from epithelial cells, the upper layer of cells in the respiratory tract, when they emit various so-called pro-inflammatory factors and antimicrobial peptides. An effective communication between these two apparatuses is essential for fast and efficient defence against any pathogens.


The vocal cords

A hallmark of human beings is the ability to express ourselves articulately. Our voice is important not only for communicating our thoughts but also for conveying emotions. Just think of all the speeches that have inspired people and changed the course of history and we immediately realize the impact that voice can have on our lives and the people around us. The right words, delivered in the right tone of voice, can inspire, motivate or demoralize our listeners. The voice we give off is produced by the oscillation of the air we exhale. This oscillation comes from the movement of the vocal cords and its resonance within the pharynx, mouth and nasal cavities. This is how the sound that defines everyone’s voice is created. For many people, the vocal apparatus is a vital organ in order to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. Just think of managers and professors who make presentations frequently, singers and actors who use their voices as their main working tool, but also merchants who communicate daily with their customers.


Prevent and find relief from winter ailments with our MIRABILUS line

The MIRABILUS line from NATURALSALUS is an invaluable support for helping cope with the winter season in the best possible way, keeping one’s natural defences up at all times. The MIRABILUS line, specifically tailored for the respiratory system (RS), consists of five products with different functionalities and with formulations designed to counteract different ailments stemming from different body regions.

The MIRABILUS line products

The MIRABILUS line consists of RS1 SULFOSIN the fluidizing “capsuled syrup”, RS2 MIRABILUS GOLA spray, RS4 MIRABILUS PETTORALIS, a syrup ideally suited to colds and dry coughs, RS5 MIRABILUS PROFUNDUM, a syrup designed for bronchitis, catarrh and phlegmy coughs. There is IS3 MIRABILUS IMMUNO PLUS providing the greatest support at the initial signs of seasonal ailments and as a preventive measure. RS3 MIRABILUS VOX, for aphonia and dysphonia.

RS1 SULFOSIN, also called the “capsuled syrup”, contains Polygala, which has an expectorant and fluidizing action. It includes several essential oils such as Garlic, a natural product that has been used since ancient times, having a mucolytic and antiseptic action. As well as Eucalyptus and Pinus Silvestris oil, natural antiseptics that reduce inflammation and a balsamic effect on the respiratory tract. Plus the antibacterial function of Niaouly oil. Finally, the active ingredient Sulforaphane derived from Broccoli Sprouts, with invaluable antioxidant properties. Its role is even more valuable because of its synergistic action with Garlic, increasing its fluidifying and expectorant properties. Together these ingredients help to decongest and clear the upper respiratory tract. Also acting as a prevention from sinusitis and relief from it. Its formula is particularly suitable for those suffering from blocked ears linked with sinus disorders.

For more localized relief in cases of pharyngitis, laryngitis or tonsillitis NATURALSALUS has created RS2 MIRABILUS GOLA in spray format. Containing Echinacea and Propolis, helping to stimulate natural defences. Italian honey plays a soothing and anti-inflammatory role, and Grapefruit Seed gives it an antimicrobial effect. In addition, Tea Tree and Mint Essential oils help fight inflammation through their balsamic and decongestant effects.

RS4 MIRABILUS PETTORALIS is designed to help the lower airways. This syrup, ideal for colds and dry coughs, contains Tolu Balsam aiding the removal of bronchial phlegm. Liquorice and Plantain play an emollient, soothing and decongestant action on the mucosa. Marshmallow juice helps reduce inflammation and irritation. It also contains Propolis and Niaouly oil, known for their antimicrobial activities, further helping to counteract the disorder. Finally, Sulforaphane stimulates the responsiveness of the immune system to ward off microbial or viral pathogens.

RS5 MIRABILUS PROFUNDUM syrup provides an even lower down action, ideal for bronchitis, catarrh and phlegmy coughs. Consisting of Marrubium, which has a fluidizing and mucolytic action. Eucalyptus and Hyssop, act as balsamic and expectorant with very intense antibacterial and spasmolytic activity. In addition, Pine and Thyme Essential Oils provide balsamic and expectorant properties as well as antimicrobial action.

Finally, to stimulate our natural defences, NATURALSALUS has created IS3 MIRABILUS IMMUNO PLUS. Best suited at the initial onset of seasonal ailments or even as a preventive measure. An Echinacea-based syrup, stimulating natural defences thus shortening recovery times. Thanks to Acerola and Rosehip it supplies a large quantity of natural Vitamin C. Elderberry and Astragalus fruits are plants known to stimulate the body’s natural defences, and Lapacho, which not only stimulates the immune system but also has antimicrobial action. The addition of Ginger has a stimulating effect, as well as specifically incorporated as a tool to enhance the absorption of the other compounds. Ideal for helping prime the immune system for phases of intense stress such as seasonal changes.

NATURALSALUS has designed RS3 MIRABILUS VOX, the natural product ideal for sufferers of dysphonia or aphonia in the winter season or for people wishing to take care of the organ that gives us our unique voices. The main ingredients of this very special syrup are Hedgemustard herb with its balsamic and decongestant activity, Polygala and Ginger stimulating immune defences. As well as Niaouly and Altea essential oils. Designed to support the vocal cords and thus ideal for people who use their voices professionally, not only helping to prevent the above disorders but also improving working vocal performance.

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