SUPREMUS MIND by NATURALSALUS: the natural product that provides energy for the mind

By Dr. Giorgia Baraldo, Biologist and R&D Product Specialist at NATURALSALUS

MSS3 / SUPREMUS MIND is a natural plant-based product bursting with mind energy helping us get through our daily lives that often require numerous demanding actions to carry out all our vital life activities and, consequently, also help us overcome some of life’s obstacles.

Thinking, imagining, remembering: there are so many processes that take place in our mind, its well-being is fundamental in helping us maintain strength and serenity.

It is therefore important to support the mind with effective natural plant-based supplements such as MSS3 / SUPREMUS MIND di NATURALSALUS.

Let’s take a look now at how our minds and brains work and the complexity of our entire nervous system to try to get our heads around how to maintain its well-being and always keep it performing at its best.

Mind, what is it?

The mind is often associated with the brain and treated as if it were a part of it. However, unlike the brain, the mind is not an organ but rather a series of activities that include cognitive functions, such as thinking, judging, imagining, and remembering, and non-cognitive ones, such as emotions and instinct. All these activities are mainly carried out by the neuronal structures of the brain, but we also find other structures of the body involved in these processes too. The mind must therefore be considered in slightly broader terms, including, but not limited to only neuronal cells.

Mind-brain from a historical-philosophical perspective.

The brain, for our far-flung ancestors, was a mystery. Since the time of Aristotle it had been customary to attribute a person’s character, intelligence and thinking to his or her heart. The brain, on the other hand, was assumed responsible merely for cooling the blood circulation. Its function was to keep the body temperature under control.

Today we know all too well that although the brain does indeed monitor our body temperatures, this activity does not by any means encompass all its functions. Pythagoras was the first to draw a connection between thoughts and the brain, but his theory was lost over time. Only for it to re-emerge again in the 17th century, when scholars began to explore this organ more thoroughly. It was in 1870 precisely when John Hughlings Jackson, an English neurologist, first linked thoughts with the brain.

Brain biology.

To this day, the brain remains an organ shrouded in mystery, but thanks to research by countless people over the centuries, great strides have been made in understanding how exactly it works. Roughly speaking, it is possible to divide the brain into three parts:

• diencephalon;
• cerebral cortex.

Our brainstem is considered the most primitive part, from an evolutionary point of view and is responsible for controlling all our basic life functions. Our emotions and sensations originate from the diencephalon. Finally, the cerebral cortex is mainly responsible for thought, imagination and language. All the parts of the brain are interconnected in a complex network of neurons, communicating with one another through electrical impulses, hormones and neurotransmitters. Physiologically, our brains are always active, whether we are awake or asleep; consequently, they require large amounts of energy, which they get mainly from sugars. In fact, according to various estimates they burn up about 20 percent of all ingested carbohydrates. The brain also needs oxygen, and it is well known that a well-oxygenated brain preforms much better. Taking care of this fascinating organ is therefore vital in order for us to carry out all our activities, work or otherwise, to the best of our abilities.

Body and mind: a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Body and mind, operate closely together. Mens sana in corpore sano! A healthy mind can only exist in a healthy body. The ancients were convinced of this, meaning that taking care of one’s body meant acquisition of better mind skills. In fact, modern research backs up this ancient belief. For example, people who do regular exercise and lead healthy lifestyles, coupled with regenerative rest, increase their cognitive abilities. Even just taking a 10-20 minute walk improves mood and even the ability to concentrate. Too often, however, people find it difficult to take a break from the activities they are doing – even for a second. This is especially so, when our gruelling daily routine overwhelms us with tasks and commitments. In order to be able to take care of our mind and still carry out all our tasks optimally while remaining alert and focused, we can naturally help ourselves by funnelling nature to us through MSS3 / SUPREMUS MIND.

Energy for the mind: helping concentration and learning.

To support concentration and learning plus helping people deal with excessive mental and physical pressures, NATURALSALUS has developed MSS3 / SUPREMUS MIND a positive energy booster.

The ingredients chosen for this product are 100% natural, rich in antioxidants and packed with energizers.

The signature plant of MSS3 / SUPREMUS MIND is Polygonum Multiflorum, or He Shou Wu. One of the most highly regarded plants in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Believed to have legendary qualities, it was used by the Ming Dynasty emperors because of its excellent invigorating qualities. Still used today in Traditional Chinese Medicine because of its energizing and rejuvenating properties and because of its high levels of phytocompounds possessing antioxidant activity. Strengthening the body and making it more resistant to stress, as well as decreasing the perception of fatigue.

The formulation also contains Eleutherococcus, also known as Siberian ginseng, to which several beneficial properties are attributed. In fact, it has an adaptogenic and stimulating action on the body with neuromuscular mechanism (increases neurotransmitters in the CNS but also organic energy); stabilizes glycaemic levels and therefore confers greater endurance in sports activity.

The association with Guarana is synergistic, as it stabilizes the caffeine stimulating action, keeping its energizing phase constant, for longer.

Italian Royal Jelly, which is processed fresh, immediately after being harvested, still full of its nutritional potential, is rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes, resulting in a synergistic blend of energizing, restorative and supportive components for physiological functions.

Finally, we also have Honey, from Italian beekeepers, which provides a naturally balanced mix of sugars (glucose, fructose, dextrins), capable of giving energy with a lower glycaemic peak than refined sugar and an absorption that is more evenly distributed over time and therefore healthier for the body.

Polygnonum MultiflorumHe Shou Wu

Expert advice: when and how best to take the products.

MSS3 / SUPREMUS MIND can be taken at any time of the year, even on a continuous basis, as its active ingredients are disposed of during normal physiological activity.

Recommended dosage is 1 x 10 ml vial daily.


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