Our philosophy
taps into the origins of knowledge

Since the dawn of time, humans have continuously interacted with the natural world, seeking out all nature’s ingredients able to help improve their health and physical appearance.

Our philosophy taps directly into these origins of human knowledge, going beyond simply trying to understand a plants’ chemical composition, but taking us back to discovering the plants’ energy. In traditional western herbal studies and research, this immensely valuable concept has slowly fizzled out.  Since time immemorial, humans everywhere have been interacting with the plant kingdom, attempting to unravel its secrets and make use of these plants, first as nourishment and, eventually, help improve health and physical appearance. Over time, and as the use of plants for medicinal purposes expanded, it became vital to find ways to ensure they were always readily available. As a result, people developed a variety of techniques to preserve them after harvesting, either drying them or extracting their active constituents. The active plant/herb constituents were commonly extracted using hydroalcoholic mediums, producing an effective solubilisation of the active constituents and, thanks to the alcohol content, ensuring the preservation of the extract itself.  Such methods of obtaining the plants’ active constituents have over the years, increasingly overlooked the plants’ more intimate qualities – focusing exclusively on the plants’ material aspects. In other words, obtaining an extract distinguished by its content of a given active constituent, whilst neglecting the plant’s phytocomplex. No one stopped to wonder whether such extracts actually held the greatest available benefit a plant could provide. 

Classifying plants based on their bio-energetic footprint.

Classifying plants in terms of their bio-energetic footprint, or more simply put – plant energy, is carried out on both the compounds’ chemistry as well as recognizing that interactions between their different constituents also give off “quanta energy”. These are capable of generating a type of action or interaction or more precisely – an energy wave. This in turn generates another interaction, this time with specific organs that directly respond to that specific energetic frequency, until the desired functionality is achieved. Put in “chemical or pharmacological” terms, the process involves identifying specific chemical compounds capable of interacting with specific receptors to generate an activation, an inhibition or a mixed action. Put in “quanta energy” terms, we should contemplate that our bodies are criss-crossed by various “energy channels”. Chinese medicine calls them “meridians” and Ayurvedic medicine calls them “chakras”.  Each one, with its own unique frequency capable of interacting with a whole set of different factors such as weather, environment, diet, medicine or health and that are similar to or match the same frequency. Evidence supporting all of this, is extensively referenced in literature, as well as in ancient and historical texts on plants and their beneficial inter-relations.

NATURALSALUS blends Western Natural Medicine principles with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

NATURALSALUS blends the principles of Western Natural Medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine, which assigns each plant/herb a specific trait and energy meridian. Certain plants/herbs and their sequencing, share common traits that can exponentially increase therapeutic benefits when treating specific health issues, illnesses or organs. Ancient and modern knowledge, fused together to develop new wellness remedies.

Our products are synergistic phytocomplexes.

Our products are synergistic phytocomplexes, because they are much more than just the sum of their individual active constituents. Our production methods allow us to create synergistic phytocomplexes designed to amplify the beneficial effects of their individual elements, thanks to the plants’ energy inside them. Every herb has a function and a precise, non-random extraction sequence. The “king” remedy has the main therapeutic action and the “ministers” a series of complementary ones.

Choosing the right plant groups.

Plant groups are carefully selected by studying individual plants and their principal constituents. As well as their overall activity, and any literature dealing with their traditional use in herbalism and phytotherapeutics. This, in conjunction where possible with their characterisation in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which assigns each plant a specific trait and an affinity with a specific organ or energy meridian or even more generically with a given personality type.

We look for each plant’s energy without limiting our search to only its chemistry. We recognise plant chemistry has great value in terms of reflecting a plant’s energy – the same way words reflect thoughts. However, just as words can never fully express thoughts, so too can only a part of the energy contained within a plant be manifested through chemistry, and stopping there would mean forfeiting the very thing which defines it.

Quality, without forfeiting anything.

Quality is paramount and reflected in every choice we make, forfeiting nothing. We take the utmost care when choosing our ingredients. The quality of each of our products is tightly intertwined with the quality of each individual component and each step taken in our process. 100% of our ingredients used are plant-derived.

The type and number of ingredients that are chosen is based on responsible, honest and sustainable decision making. 99.9% of our ingredients can be assimilated by the body and are directly effective in achieving the desired physiological result.

The active compounds in our products do not accumulate in the body. They are disposed of via normal bodily functions throughout the course of the day.

We are particularly careful when it comes to our ‘minimalist ingredients’ (which does not mean poor) and their purity, intelligibility and order. We guarantee only 100% natural ingredients are used to promote good health and wellbeing.

A holistic approach to health.

We strive to take a holistic approach when it comes to health, striking a balance between ancient traditions and the latest discoveries from all over the scientific fields. We develop products that tap into the purest essence of Plant Energy power, designed to support wellness and healing processes. We believe that it is important, in our methods and technologies, to draw inspiration from traditional prevention and treatment methods as they have been carried out since time immemorial. We therefore only create products that are preservative, additive or filler free

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