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    Immunostimulant and Antioxidant

    NATURALSALUS offers a combination of immunostimulating and antioxidant action benefits, essential for a primed Immune System ready to deal with all eventualities. Two allies that when combined form an effective “shield” in protecting our bodies from external attacks.

    IS3 / MIRABILUS IMMUNO PLUS, in addition to Echinacea and Astragalus, provides plant based Vitamina C, completely absorbable. This is thanks to Acerola and Rosehip, supporting the body in coping with seasonal ailments, reducing their symptoms and duration. Combine this with IS1 / ANTOXI PLUS, antioxidant action to counter free radicals. Useful as both a preventative measure and for recovering from flus or diseases.

    Products can be purchased individually.
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    Warming body cream

    MSS4 ARNICA WARM-UP with its warming effect, is particularly effective in priming muscles before sporting activity, helping reduce any potential joint and muscle injuries, improve performance and physical endurance capacities.
    Also excellent for people who suffer from stiff muscles or need relief from painful muscular conditions – be it sport related or not.
    The warming effect is modulated and long lasting in relation to the current muscle activity.

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