Natural herbal blends for prevention and treatment

Our phytotherapeutic products are much more than the sum of their individual active constituents. When making our natural herbal products and supplements, we use extraction processes that allow us to create synergistic phytocomplexes that increase the beneficial effects of our products. In order to maintain purity, we do not use preservatives, additives or fillers.

We formulate our blends carefully, by studying not only individual plants and their principal constituents, but also their overall activity from both chemical and energetic standpoints, our purpose being to obtain medicinal compounds capable of combining Traditional Western Herbalism with Traditional Chinese Medicine, which assigns each plant an affinity with a specific organ or energy meridian. All of these factors make our products different, innovative and superior performing. What’s more, the elevated quality standards that we apply, both in the choice of our ingredients and throughout every stage of our process, ensure rapid results, safety and respect for the body.

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    High Cholesterol – Hypercholesterolemia OR Lipid Metabolism

    CS1 / BERGACOL counters high cholesterol, without using any statins (natural or otherwise), thanks to its components’ combined actions, including Bergamot, Artichoke, Annurca Apple and Olive Leaves. All contributing to improving lipid balance.

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  • DS1 / TERSUS

    Colitis – Irritable bowel syndrome IBS

    DS1 / TERSUS stimulates the body’s immune defences, which all start-off from gastrointestinal well-being and therefore essential for the body’s overall health. A phytotherapeutic combo of Aloe Vera, Papaya, Vegetable fibres, Tabebuia (Lapacho), Angelica and GSE (Grapefruit Seed extract) that is very useful in treating gastrointestinal disorders.

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    Reflux and Gastric Acidity

    Acidity and heartburn, poor digestion, and gastroesophageal reflux can create frequent and very unpleasant discomfort. DS2 / REFLUX HERBA, generates a protective film, helping to restore normal digestive system conditions.

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    Limits calorie absorption, controlling weight loss

    DS3 / KILLCALORY, is an effective weight-loss product, helping control body weight and aiding the reduction of adipose tissue by limiting calorie absorption and fat in-take from food.

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    Antioxidant and Anti-Aging

    IS1 / ANTOXI PLUS, contains plant based ingredients with antioxidant and anti-aging properties, including Sulforaphane, He Shou Wu, Resveratrol, and Sodium Hyaluronate helping purify the body of metabolic wastes known as Free Radicals and ward off premature ageing.

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    Antioxidant and Liver Purifying

    IS2 / ANTOXI PLUS FLUID possesses antioxidant, anti-aging and liver purifying properties. The phytotherapeutic preparation effectively counteracts the formation of Free Radicals and stops chain reactions triggered by the oxidation process. It works to detoxify and purify the body.

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    Boosting immune defences and promoting respiratory well-being by warding off risk factors predisposing to seasonal illnesses. A natural source of Vitamin C.
    Taken during the winter period, it can be helpful to ready the body to handle seasonal illnesses.

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    Controlling body weight

    M2 / SINE ADIPEM ADV promotes progressive body weight loss, stimulates the metabolism and accelerates calorie burn-off. Thanks to Cassia nomame, Citrus aurantium and Guarana, plus essential oils it has lipase-inhibitory properties, helping prevent fat absorption; activates metabolism and consequently induces an accelerated calorie burn-off. This effect is amplified when combined with a well-balanced diet and physical activity. In addition, helps reduce food cravings.

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  • MSS1 / ARNICA30

    Decongesting and Relaxing Body Cream

    MSS1 / ARNICA30 is a muscle toning and anti-inflammatory body cream containing a very high (30%) Arnica flower Mother Tincture content, highly effective in the treatment of muscle recovery promoting the natural physiological healing processes of sore and inflamed spots.

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    Counteracting rheumatic and muscular pain

    MSS2/ ARTUUM contains a herbal blend of Birch Sap, Devil’s Claw, Willow, Spirea Ulmaria, Ash, and Liquorice working synergistically to promote healthy muscular bone and joint system. Ideal in case of localized rheumatic or muscular pain.

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    Psychophysical energizing booster.

    Brain Energy. Rapidly absorbed body and mind energizing booster. Bolsters resistance to fatigue, and boosts attention, concentration and learning capacity. Ideally suited to athletes, students and anyone needing daily mental and physical energy support.

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    Warming body cream

    MSS4 ARNICA WARM-UP with its warming effect, is particularly effective in priming muscles before sporting activity, helping reduce any potential joint and muscle injuries, improve performance and physical endurance capacities.
    Also excellent for people who suffer from stiff muscles or need relief from painful muscular conditions – be it sport related or not.
    The warming effect is modulated and long lasting in relation to the current muscle activity.

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    Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia

    Anxiety and insomnia can be caused by external or internal stress factors triggering discomfort, fatigue and nervousness. NS1/SERENIS helps with relaxation and mental well-being in a natural and effective way, thanks to the synergistic presence of Passionflower, Hawthorn, Lemon Balm and Rhodiola, extracted using our exclusive Bioenergetic Extraction process.

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  • RPS1 / ADHUC

    Counteracts menopausal ailments

    RPS1/ADHUC’s Cimicifuga and Sage counteract menopausal ailments.

    Remedy for menopausal ailments, based on active ingredients providing phytoestrogens, which can be extremely useful to alleviate its associated discomforts. Also in certain circumstances, during women’s fertile periods, it helps counteract excessive oestrogen production.

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    Psycho-physical and energizing boost – Sexual boost

    It acts as a mind stimulant and activates spinal reflexes, stimulating psycho-physical drive. Continuously taken for at least 10 days, is helpful to reactivate general psycho-physical energy and libido.

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    Prostate Functionality

    RPS3 / PROSTAHELP is a natural product supporting good prostate function, reducing the quantity of free dihydrotestosterone (often the basis of hypertrophy). Promotes body fluid drainage with decongestant and anti-inflammatory actions.

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    Sinusitis and Upper Airway Functionality

    RS1 / SULFOSIN is a capsuled syrup helpful for sinusitis due to colds causing breathing discomfort and headaches.
    Also useful in encouraging the natural liquefaction and elimination of ear catarrh.

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    Upper airway functionality.

    RS2 /MIRABILUS GOLA wards off sore throats, pharyngitis, laryngitis and all upper respiratory tract related discomforts. The active ingredients act as antimicrobials and help boost the immune system, counteracting risk factors that predispose to seasonal ailments.
    An excellent remedy for sore throats and, if taken at the onset of viral symptoms, helps reduce the ailment’s intensity and duration.

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    Dysphonia, Aphonia and Tracheitis

    RS3 / MIRABILUS VOX, has an effective soothing and emollient action on the oropharyngeal mucosa helping restore the airways to their proper working order and restoring vocal cord well-being, moisturising them and improving their elasticity. Particularly useful for people who use their voice professionally to aid rapid recovery from dysphonia and aphonia.

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    Dry Cough – Mucolytic

    RS4 / MIRABILUS PETTORALIS is a syrup with a thinning action and effectively helps fight off the main problems linked to seasonal illnesses, such as dry coughs, sore throats and cold symptoms.
    Sugar-free syrup, suitable for diabetics or sugar intolerant individuals.

    Thanks to its Sulforaphane content, Brassica supplies antioxidant properties to the product.

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    Chesty Cough – Bronchitis

    RS5/MIRABILUS PROFUNDUM is a thinner encouraging the elimination of blocked catarrh making it extremely useful for chronic bronchitis, smoker’s bronchitis, and seasonal ailments.
    Balsamic essential oils have an expectorant and antimicrobial action.

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    Natural Anti-mycotic Nail Remedy

    SS6/MICOSIS, a natural antifungal Onychomycosis remedy. Containing only essential oils, such as Thyme, Tea Tree, Bergamot, Chamomile, Helichrysum plus Neem and Lentisk Oil.
    Penetrating nail ends, helping restore their natural physiological barrier and rendering the environment inhospitable to micro-organisms, while at the same time strengthening nail tissue.

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