Limits calorie absorption, controlling weight loss

DS3 / KILLCALORY, is an effective weight-loss product, helping control body weight and aiding the reduction of adipose tissue by limiting calorie absorption and fat in-take from food.

23,90 Cod. NSFTPL-DS3


DS3 / KILLCALORY, is an effective weight-loss product, helping control body weight and aiding the reduction of adipose tissue by limiting calorie absorption and fat in-take from food. The phytotherapeutic preparation containing purified extracts of Opuntia and Ginger, with added essential oils, acts selectively by binding with the lipid components still present in the stomach limiting caloric in-take and aiding digestion thanks to specific essential oils. Taken whenever needed, for example after a heavy lunch or if taken on a regular basis induces accumulated fat reserve burn off. Control and reduction of body weight as well as lowering of blood fat levels maintains the body healthy and prevents cardiovascular disease.


Targeted systems:
Digestive system

20 x 5 g sticks

Recommended dosage is 2 sticks daily in a glass of water. One after lunch and the second after dinner.

Avoid exposure to light

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements are not intended to be substituted for a varied diet. Keep the product out of the reach of young children. It should be used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet plus a good level of physical activity. If the diet is followed for prolonged periods, it is advisable to seek the advice of your doctor.
The information provided herein is to the best of our knowledge, it may be subject to change according to our sole discretion.


• DS3 / KILLCALORY: 1 stick after lunch and 1 after dinner.
+ M2 / SINE ADIPEM ADV: 2 capsules mid-morning.
Designed to help control body weight, DS3/ KILLCALORY taken at meal times helps reduce calorie intake, M2/SINE ADIPEM ADV increases metabolism and therefore inducing an accelerated calorie burn off.

Additional information


Opuntia ficus-indica Miller cladodes powder; Corn Dextrin; Potato Starch; Stevia rebauside; Zingiber officinalis Rosc. rhizome d.e.; Mentha x piperita L. e.o.; Foeniculum vulgaris Miller e.o.

Daily dose content

Opuntia fibre:
4000 mg
A purified fibre obtained from young Ficus indica (Prickly Pear) leaves, playing an adsorptive role that is particularly effective against food-derived lipids. 1g of powder can adsorb up to 11g of olive oil, 13g of butter and 22g of mayonnaise. Helping reduce food-introduced calories during meals. In Opuntia powder, Neomicel and Neofiber are the two polysaccharide components that are at the core of its action having proven synergistic properties. The high affinity for lipids of this Neofiber-Neomicel complex is partially due to the high degree of esterification, which contributes to a significant increase in hydrophobicity. Neofiber is a water-insoluble polymer at room temperature and neutral pH. Its molecule derives from capillary cellulose combined with hemicellulose and typically has carboxyl groups esterified with methyl groups. Neofiber is able to establish strong hydrophobic interactions with the lipid component. Neomicel, on the other hand, is a water-soluble fibre whose highly complex polysaccharide molecule consists mainly of pectins, gums and mucilage. It is capable of forming a fluid gel that stabilises primary hydrophobic interactions between Neofiber and the lipid component. Neomicel can also bind to bile acids and thus decrease the efficiency of dietary fat absorption.

Peppermint e.o.:
10 mg
It aids digestion by stimulating gastric emptying and relaxing the muscles around the pylorus.

Fennel e.o.:
2 mg
It aids digestion by stimulating gastric motility and acid secretion.

10 mg
It has digestive, anti-nausea properties. It improves blood flow to the stomach and encourages better efficiency of the organ in getting rid of the food load.


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