Dysphonia, Aphonia and Tracheitis

RS3 / MIRABILUS VOX, has an effective soothing and emollient action on the oropharyngeal mucosa helping restore the airways to their proper working order and restoring vocal cord well-being, moisturising them and improving their elasticity. Particularly useful for people who use their voice professionally to aid rapid recovery from dysphonia and aphonia.

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Dysphonia is even more common amongst people who use their voice professionally, be it speaking or singing. The active ingredients of Altea, Hedgemustard herb, Liquorice, Ginger, Polygala and Sulforaphane contained in RS3 / MIRABILUS VOX have an effective soothing and emollient action on the oropharyngeal mucosa. Helping restore the airways to their proper working order and vocal cord well-being, moisturising them and improving their elasticity, which is also partly thanks to the presence of Italian Organic Honey.
Particularly useful for aiding rapid recovery from congestive phenomena, such as colds with congested respiratory tract and to ward off dysphonia for people who use the voice professionally. Recommended to be taken in combination with the other MIRABILUS line products.


Possible presence of plant elements on the surface and/or sediment at the bottom of the bottle, are by no means an alteration of the product but a guarantee of quality. These elements are essential and insoluble parts of the plant phytocomplex. Recommended to shake well, before use.

Subtle flavour variations between different production batches of the same product are due to the use of natural raw ingredients that may taste slightly different depending on seasonal weather patterns.

Targeted systems:
Respiratory tract

10 single-dose x 10 ml glass bottles.

Instructions for use:
1 x 10ml bottle, 4 times a day. Shake well before use.

Storage conditions:
Avoid exposure to light.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use if suffering from thyroid dysfunction. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep the product out of the reach of young children.
The information provided herein is to the best of our knowledge, it may be subject to change according to our sole discretion.


• RS3 / MIRABILUS VOX: 4 times a day.
+ IS3 / MIRABILUS IMMUNO PLUS: 10 ml twice a day.
To treat dysphonia, while also boosting the immune system and resolving viral or bacterial infections earlier.
• RS3 / MIRABILUS VOX: 4 times a day.
+ RS2 / MIRABILUS GOLA: 4 times a day.
Complete throat protection.
• RS3 / MIRABILUS VOX: 4 times a day.
+ RS1 / SULFOSIN: 2 capsules, twice a day.
Increases the effectiveness of RS3 / MIRABILUS VOX in case of heavy phlegm.

Additional information


Althaea officinalis L. root f.e.; Sisymbrium officinalis (L.) Scop. aerial part f.e.; Glycyrrhiza glabra L. root f.e.; Zingiber officinale Rosc. rhizome e.f./root f.e.; Polygala vulgaris L. root f.e.; Hyssopus officinalis L. tips f.e; Sugar; Italian honey; Glycerol; Sodium chloride; Melaleuca leucadendra var. viridiflora (Sol. ex Gaertn.) Cheel e.o.; Brassica oleracea var. italica Plenck leaves d.e tit. 10% in Sulforaphane; Mentha x piperita L. e.o.

Daily dose content

2060 mg plant in f.e.
Has a soothing emollient action on the mucous membrane, soothing irritations and localised inflammation and aids the adhesion of the other active ingredients, which are carried and kept in place helping improve their performance.

Sisymbrium (Hedgemusterd herb):
1200 mg plant in f.e.
Has a balsamic, emollient action capable of decongesting the throat and upper airways. Thus, very useful in case of vocal cord inflammation.

720 mg plant in f.e.
Has an emollient, soothing, slightly expectorant action and thus helps restore health and balance after damage from stress or localised infections.

Peppermint e.o.:
8 mg
It has a balsamic, decongestant, antimicrobial action helping clear the airways.

Niaouly e.o.:
40 mg
Has a balsamic, expectorant, antimicrobial action aiding the body’s response to infections and respiratory illnesses.

40 mg plant in f.e.
Stimulates the immune system and helps enhance better assimilation of the active ingredients thanks to its vasoactive action on the mucous membranes.

240 mg plant in f.e.
Has a thinning and expectorant action, helping loosen up and liberate stuck phlegm.

164 mg plant in f.e.

0,4 mg
A molecule aiding the immune system's reactivity against microbial or viral pathogens, it also has expectorant and phlegm-thinning properties.


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