At NATURALSALUS, we truly believe that doing our utmost to protect the plant kingdom, from which we tap into, is essential to ensure the quality and safety of our natural products.

Sustainability is a core part of who we are. Indeed, safeguarding the plant kingdom from which we draw upon is an ongoing commitment that is reflected in every one of our actions. From the ingredients we choose, to the extraction and production systems used to produce our natural phytotherapeutic products for prevention and treatment in the human body.

Ingredients and extraction process

Carefully choosing the best plant ingredients is essential when it comes to producing high-performance phytotherapeutics, whilst always respecting environmental standards. In fact, the superior quality of our ingredients enables us to reduce solvent use to 1/5 of what is typically used. What’s more, our exclusive extraction process allows us to fully exploit all the natural resources, thus being able to reduce their usage during production.

Using the “BIOENERGETIC EXTRACTION®” patent process, specifically designed within our laboratories, exponentially helps reduce the amount of raw materials used. Consequently, it has a reduced environmental impact. Moreover, it guarantees our products have much greater activity in both treatment and prevention.


Choosing the right packaging is an essential part of reducing environmental impacts. For this reason, glass and aluminium instead of plastic was the obvious choice as our primary packaging material. Paper made from 55% FSC-certified pure cellulose, 40% FSC-certified recycled fibres and 5% cotton fibre is used in all secondary packaging.


The philosophy that has inspired our entire product range for better wellbeing and health, has always been deeply rooted in Nature. From which our name, NATURALSALUS, comes from along with the spirit that has inspired all our plant-based phytotherapeutic products. It is for this very reason that we tightly link the quality of our products’ to the quality of each individual ingredient and adopted process. It is thus, extremely important that the natural wealth that we tap into, is shielded and respected as much as possible. For this reason, we decided to launch a joint initiative with Treedom, to grow a forest of avocado trees – which itself is a natural source of wellness thanks to its antioxidant and revitalizing properties. The aim being, to sustain Nature and help offset part of the CO2 generated by our business.

 Our company’s innovative DNA

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